We Are Our Thoughts

Crohn’s Colitis:We Are Our Thoughts

We Are Our Thoughts

It has been a quest of mine to find the right words to have you truly understand that you are your own thoughts.  I was thinking about the best way to affect my class using words and actions to explain that what you think is what you are.

Each day we are creating and defining our lives with thought.  As I share my ideas of “you are your thoughts” the first thing to know is you have to learn to observe your thoughts. You can do this by learning to meditate. When you start to observe your thoughts you will start to see the healthy ones and the not so healthy thoughts.  You want to learn to watch your thoughts and notice the emotions that come up without getting attached to those emotions, and to use them as a tool so you can decide which things you want to create in your life.

You have to learn to carefully craft and create a thought by using positive words and phrases, by researching and finding helpful information about what you want to create and putting everything together to create the most life-like thought/visualization of the highest vibration of what you want to accomplish.  You have to be strong and when things are challenging, still believe your thought no matter what.  I used this formula to heal my Crohn’s Colitis, which was not easy. 

Since those days I have learned that thought is something to watch, because as easy as you can create positive things in your life using thought, you can also create negative things with life changing outcomes.  Learn to meditate, learn to watch your thoughts without attaching to emotion, learn to create in positive ways, and learn to watch for and change negative thoughts in mid stream to encourage a positive outcome.  My creations are the energy of my thought and then they manifest and unfold into my life.  These beliefs of pure thought become my life.  How about yours?