Never Fitting In

Crohn’s Colitis: Never Fitting In

Never Fitting In

In my life I never thought I fit in.  I felt I always marched to the beat of a different drum.  I was with a friend today and we were talking about never fitting in.  I believe there are some of you who think the same way.

One reason I found it hard to fit in was because I never wanted to give in on my beliefs.  I found that groups always wanted everyone to think the same way.  It seemed like if you bought one concept of the group then you had to buy the whole bag of concepts that they were selling.  That’s what I was not good at. I never wanted the whole bag, I just wanted to pick through the bag and grab what I thought I wanted or agreed with. So I got used to being by myself and rarely joined a group and if I did I was always close to the door so I could leave when it was my time. 

That way of thinking helped me when I was sick because I was by myself and I knew that I was on my own.  This is not a sob story. This is understanding one thing: when you choose to believe that you can change your sickness or your life, you are alone.  You are the only one who can change your mind. No one can change your mind for you; no friend, no family, no doctor and no priest. Just you.

You are doing the hard work. You are gritting your teeth when the going gets tough.  You, wiping your brow, walking tall, patting yourself on the back when the job is done.  And you, seeing the outcome of your sweat and hard work once you know what you have achieved.  Not fitting in? I will take it any day.


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