Open This Up to You

Crohn’s Colitis: Opening This Up to You

Opening This Up to You

I have been writing for a handful of months now about my illness and my life and how I healed.  I have started to dip into philosophy, my belief in god, and have started to fall away from healing Crohn’s Colitis.  So, I have created a new blog for these expanded thoughts, called Real Deal Meditation .

My Real Deal Meditation blog is letting me express myself and the subjects that are near and dear to my heart in an open forum.  In addition to meditation I am talking about subjects like god, spirituality, healing energy work, the universe, and anything else that happens to pop in my head when I am writing.

Now let’s get back to I Healed My Crohn’s Colitis. I want to open this blog to you. I am asking you, the readers, what would you like to talk about?  Do you want to change the format that I have been using?  Would you like this to be more of a discussion group and put up a subject and everyone can put in their opinions?  I really love talking about what I have done with my illness and  I want to share it with you.

I believe that together we can help each other take our lives back from this or any illness.  I have had a ton of hits on this blog and that means people have been reading what I have written.  Let’s build the community, share your thoughts, share your questions, and share your stories.

Last time I looked the medical world still says there is no cure for Crohn’s Colitis.  But they never asked the people who have cured themselves.  Let’s put our information together. Ask a question, make a statement, share.