Failure is Not an Option

Crohn’s Colitis: Failure is Not an Option

Failure is Not an Option

I was looking around on the web today and saw someone’s post on failure in life because of Crohn’s Colitis.  It upset me unbelievably.  Being a person who had Crohn’s Colitis and found my way to become symptom free for the last twenty years, it hurt me to even watch this person talk about failure and attribute so much of it to disease.

We are taught in this culture that we know nothing of our own bodies.  We are taught to look to others to solve our problems.  I know maybe I am writing this with a little anger, but you need to realize the word failure is not an option.

When Thomas Edison was trying to invent the light bulb he tried two thousand times until he made it work.  Failure was not an option for him and it should not be for you either.  When I was working on healing myself I could not explain why I went from health one moment to sick with Crohn’s Colitis the next.

I do know that I can sit here and tell you that you can help yourself.  I can tell you that you can heal yourself by using meditation like I did.  I can tell you that you can have the most wonderful life after sickness.  I can tell you that the best thing that happened to me in my life was Crohn’s Colitis because it taught me to be in charge of my life.  It taught me that my life is not about how many failures but how many successes I have. 

It taught me that life does live me, I live it, and I create answers to life’s questions.  I wish that I could give people a pill to feel what it is like to solve a disease like Crohn’s Colitis.  But that would take away the magic of walking the path on your own.  I will share that my answer to solve Crohn’s Colitis was stress management, learning and understanding that my mind controlled my body, learning to control my thoughts through meditation and then applying new, more positive thoughts and having them manifest in my body.  I educated myself in how to create my world and made it happen.  Failure was  not an option.