Recognizing the Observer

Crohn’s Colitis:Recognizing the Observer

Recognizing the Observer

I have talked to you over the last couple of weeks about heaven (soul) and earth (ego) and the observer (higher-self).  I can only explain how I see it. I have been meditating for a very long time now and over the years I have fine tuned my mind to see through the observer’s eyes. But the observer has always been there.

Long ago, before I was meditating or had even heard about meditation, I experienced the observer (my higher self) through my gut.  It was a raw physical feeling. My gut would act up when I was in danger or under stress. I was living a wild life and constantly putting myself and my body in danger. My gut kept speaking up and I ignored it for a long time. Eventually it started to scream and my Crohn’s Colitis manifested.  Then I could not ignore it any longer. My observer (higher self) protected me through my gut and helped me find a new path.

When I started meditating I started to see how my mind and thoughts worked in everyday life.  In the beginning I would see certain thoughts and actions that would hamper my path, but usually I would notice them after they’d happened.  As I put more time toward meditating, I started to see these thoughts and actions right as they were happening.  Then after a while and more practice, I started to see the thoughts and possible actions before I would react.  I found that I could stop a thought and choose a different action or thought before they took me somewhere that wasn’t healthy for me.  Now I can choose my actions to best fit the situations that I’m in.  Now I watch each situation and ask, “What is this teaching me and how is this going to fit into my overall creation called my life?”  This is all observer.

Fine tuning your mind by using meditation allows you to see through the eyes of the observer.  The observer’s job is simply to observe.  It’s observing your heaven, your earth, and your universe.  Using the observer helps you pick and choose from the mass amount of information from soul, ego, and universe, and collect what you need to manifest your life.

The observer is also my quiet place.  It is my safe place where I can shut out the inside and outside worlds.  It is the place where I can go and be who I truly am and that is pure energy.  I can just sit in this pool of energy without having to channel it anywhere.

This is the best that I can describe how my observer works for me.  I hope that maybe this post will help you to see through your observer’s eyes.