Questioning the Present Moment

Crohn’s Colitis: Questioning the Present Moment

Questioning the Present Moment

I received an interesting question from a friend of mine in the UK.  My friend has IBS and we have been working with his meditation practice to bring about the life he wants.  His question was something like this:

I am meditating and working to keep myself in the present moment during meditation and in my everyday life.  My question is, should I meditate and think about the future things that are positive that I want to happen (like buying a new car, the process of moving into a new home, or the right way of healthy living)? Or, does it take me out of the present moment if I meditate on the future?

This was a great question for me because it made me think.  To understand what I have done I need the right questions to bring out the best explanation of how I used my mind to heal myself.

My answer was this:  I too live in the present moment but I also live in the past and the future.  The key to my life is knowing which life I am in at the moment: past, present, or future.  Understanding that in itself is powerful. 

His question was also about how to move his body past his IBS.  Something inside of me clicked and I knew how to finally word what I did.  I continued to answer him:

You are living in the present moment and in your present moment you are having the symptoms of IBS.   When I was sick I too lived in the present moment. However, I saw it as my body was sick but my mind was in the present moment too and in my mind I was healthy and whole.  My present moment was creating health in my mind. My body had to follow my mind.  No matter what symptoms I had, my present moment thoughts were about healthy intestines.

Like I say in my book, “Free The Mind… The Body Will Follow.”  Using my mind, my present moment was engineered to bring my body in line with what I made up my mind for it to do.  When you’re living in the present moment and your present moment is sickness, what does your body do?  You are what you think you are.

Did I need faith to make that happen?  Yes, I did.  I needed blind faith because in that time of my life I had never heard of anyone doing what I was trying to do by healing my body with my mind.   So do you need faith? Yes. You need faith in yourself to keep moving forward even when times are tough and when every part of your body is saying one thing and your mind is saying another.  However there is one thing that you have that I didn’t back then and that is this blog and someone who has healed themselves using their mind.  So that means you can too. 


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I started a FaceBook group it is called Using your Mind and Thoughts to Heal Crohn’s Colitis. I hope you check it out.