Crohn's Colitis: Faith in Yourself and Your Thoughts that Heal

Crohn’s Colitis: Faith in Yourself and Your Thoughts that Heal

I just wrote a post called “Sickness Eats Your Life” which talks about how sickness feeds off of you and depletes you.  Now I am writing this post called “Faith in Yourself and Your Thoughts that Heal” to talk about how to change from focusing on something that eats away at you to something that nourishes and fills you.

When I made the decision to try to heal myself I had to focus my mind.  First I had to have faith in myself that I was doing the right thing.  I did not have a lot of support and everyone told me I was going to fail.  So, I started by having faith in myself and told myself I was going to do my best and not give in at the first sign of trouble.

Next, I had to have faith in my thoughts that heal.  Every night after meditation I would reinforce what a good day I had healing my illness, and that my intestines felt really good and that they would do even better the next day (no matter how many times I went to the bathroom… twenty times or once).  In the morning before I got out of bed I would reinforce my healing thoughts again, looking to see how my intestines changed overnight and looking forward to how much stronger they were going to be that day.

I am not going to tell you this was easy, but I created a wall around myself that blocked out negative thoughts when it came to what I believed and what I was doing.  If someone did not believe in what I was doing back then, I would tell them straight out – “keep it to yourself”.  I would not even talk about my health with people that were close to me.  I had to keep a clear focus and there was no room for any doubt what so ever.

After I had my first solid bowel movement, a good report on my colonoscopy, gained weight and in general was feeling well, I was doing great, I had accomplished my goal but I was still reading more about meditation and creating what you want in life and knew my job was not done.

Sickness was a big part of my life and once I felt better, to continue moving forward and truly heal I had to leave all the drama behind; I had to leave sickness, and everything that came with it, behind. And since sickness had become my life, I found that part hard.  When I was sick I had the stories about how sick I was.  Then when I was curing myself of sickness I had all the stories of how I was doing it and how my body was changing.

The more I read and the more I focused my mind, I became aware of this and realized that to not fall back into sickness I had to change the focus of my meditation from sickness into building my new life.  I had to stop bringing sickness back into my life by reliving it and making it into what I call my “glory days”.  I needed to create new stories without sickness. I needed to create a new identity and new stories that created that identity, which meant a new life.

Trust me over twenty years both my intestines and my faith have been tested with stress, illness, even food poisoning.  They have not let me down.  You need to first heal your intestines but just as important, you need to heal your life and turn your thoughts to health.  If you have questions leave a post, I will be happy to answer them.