Crohn's Colitis: One in a Million

Crohn’s Colitis: One in a Million

I went to the doctor today for my yearly physical.  Everything was fine, my blood pressure, lungs, the works.  My doctor is a women so we talk. She is always interested in what I am doing for my body and mind and also what I have going on in my life.

So, I told her about my blog.  I am real good at reading people and wanted to read her reaction to the name of the blog so I said out loud to her, nice and slowly: “I healed my Crohn’s Colitis”.  All of a sudden under her breath I heard “oh my god Bob”.  She looked down at the floor and said, “Bob, not everyone can do what you have done.  You cannot put this kind of pressure on people.” She went on saying, “You have gift, you got a pass from god.  You were lucky, and you are one in a million.”

I waited patiently letting her finish what she needed to say.  I cleared my throat and explained it was not easy to do what I have done with my Crohn’s Colitis. I was lucky because when I looked around 20 years ago there was no one like me that I could talk to. I went and walked my path myself.  There was no one that could give me hints or helpful ideas. No one to cling onto so I could say to myself: “If he can do it why not me?”

She looked at me straight in the eye. Then I said, “What if I told you about the people I help and that they are doing better with their illness?”  I went on telling her I am not a miracle worker, I told her that when I help someone I remind them that they have to go deep inside of themselves to find the reasons why.  I told her I do not make any promises. Then I went on to ask her, “What if you had Crohn’s Colitis and you were looking for a one in a million chance? What would you do?”

And that is when she smiled at me and said “I don’t know”, and walked out saying, “keep up the good work.”